Kelli Ward: Wasting Your Time on Fringe Conspiracy Theories

Recently, reported that Kelli Ward is investigating oddball conspiracy theories. It was concerning to learn that a candidate for federal office actually believes such things, but what seems to be worse is that we now know how she spends her time. Instead of using her time and campaign resources on developing plans to improve our nation, she is looking into every conspiracy theory that comes her way. The way in which a candidate runs their campaign is very telling of how they will act in office.

Do we want Kelli Ward in the United States Senate using her taxpayer funded staff to investigate fringe conspiracy theories, or working on issues that will help our nation?

The answer seems to be clear to all Arizonans; Ward is more focused on fringe conspiracy theories.

The following video is a meeting of convened by Kelli Ward, investigating the chemtrail conspiracy theory, and is proof that she is wasting your time and taxpayer resources on conspiracy theories. She did it as a state senator, and she will do it again.


Since Ward’s conspiracy theory tendencies have emerged in the public eye, even her own supporters are questioning her ability to lead Arizona in the U.S. Senate. Ward seems to be showing Arizona who she really is, and Arizona is not impressed. We know that Washington is broken, but sending someone like Ward, who is preoccupied about fictitious UN helicopters, will not fix the problem.

Our time and resources are too precious to waste on the whims of Kelli Ward. We need a senator willing to tackle the hard issues facing Arizona and our nation. Arizona needs proven conservative leadership, not a conspiracy chaser.


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