Ann Kirkpatrick Voted for Obamacare

Ann Kirkpatrick, the democratic long shot challenging Senator John McCain, voted for Obamacare while in the House of Representatives. It is very clear that most Americans, and a vast number of Arizonans, oppose Obamacare, yet Kirkpatrick still voted to pass it. Kirkpatrick’s support of Obamacare is a very telling aspect of her political thought process and personal ethics. She is willing to put the Obama agenda ahead of Arizona. It is safe to say that she is not good for the people of Arizona.

How can we trust what Kirkpatrick would do in the senate when she blatantly voted against the will of her constituents while in the house? 


When she voted for Obamacare, Ann Kirkpatrick showed us that she is more loyal to the Obama agenda and the Democratic party than to the people of Arizona. Kirkpatrick even had the audacity to walk out of a town hall meeting in her district, and refused to respond to the concerns of her constituents about her vote in favor of Obamacare. She chose to walk out on her constituents once, and she will do it again.

If our representatives in congress cannot represent the will of the people, why elect them?

Kirkpatrick showed us what she will do in the senate; put party over the people. We need a fighter that will put the people first and do what is right. Arizona needs a senator willing to stand up and fight the Obama agenda, not someone who will support it.

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