Kelli Ward Indicates Support for Abortion

Earlier this week, highlighted some disturbing statements that Kelli Ward made concerning her view on abortion and the role of government. When asked about abortion, she made it clear that a woman has the right over her own body and government has no place in regulating what a woman does, which is the argument pro-abortion advocates use to justify harm to the unborn. Her comments present a stark difference from the Tea Party activist brand she is trying to create.

Kelli Ward’s statement about the government and women’s bodies comes straight out of the pro-abortion playbook. No less an abortion advocate Margaret Sanger said,

“No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her own body.”

All Arizonans, and particularly those of us who have dedicated our lives to the protection of the unborn, should be deeply troubled by any candidate who draws inspiration from such a radical pro-abortion advocate.

How can we trust what Kelli Ward says when she advocates for strong conservative values then turns around and makes pro-abortion statements? Is she really that unprincipled, or just pandering to whoever she’s talking to? It is concerning that Ward is spending her time investigating outlandish conspiracy theories while neglecting important issues that face our state and nation.

We need a strong and consistent senator willing to protect our conservative values and stand up for the important issues. It is important to note that John McCain has a consistent anti-abortion record and has stood strong even in the face of opposition. Needless to say, Ward seems to showing her true colors.

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