Kelli Ward: Fringe Conspiracy Theorist? Is She Pro-Choice?

Kelli Ward, who in a recent unusual radio interview, caused many supporters to question her ability to represent Arizona in the United States Senate due to some bizarre comments. Ward showed her true colors as a fringe political thinker and an avid conspiracy theorist when she appeared on the “Love, Guns, and Freedom” radio show. Ward discussed a perplexing conspiracy theory, which claims that UN helicopters are flying over Arizona for an unknown purpose, which is obviously false. Ward said that Arizonans need to “wake up” to the reality of UN helicopters in Arizona, and continued by saying it’s “very, very important” to prepare for an armed conflict with entities like the UN. Is this the type of senator Arizona wants voting on international treaties and bills dealing with our armed forces? How can we trust her when she believes such oddball conspiracy theories?


After these strange comments, Ward continued by raising questions on her position on abortion and a women’s right to choose. Ward, a self-proclaimed conservative and Tea Party activist, repeated pro-abortion rhetoric about a women’s right to choose, which arguments are commonly used to justify the termination of pregnancies. This caused many Republicans to question her resolve to protect conservative values like abortion. Is Kelli Ward pro-choice? How can we trust her to protect our values when her views are so unclear?

The final straw on Ward’s conspiracy agenda came as she posted on Facebook that she is investigating the claim that Arizona schools will force female students to wear a Hijab for a month.



Remember, The Arizona Republic has extensively covered Ward and her chemtrail  conspiracy belief associations:

The “chemtrails” Twitter conversation started after Politico quoted Ward publicly spurning the conspiracy theory.

In March, Ward had told The Republic she was responding to constituent concerns and only arranged a forum for them to ask questions to state environmental experts.

“I don’t really have any opinions about ‘chemtrails’ one way or the other,” Ward told The Republic at the time. “I think that environmental quality, though, is very important.”

Politico also paraphrased Ward as “contending the issue merely came up at a larger hearing about air, soil and water quality in her district” and that “several constituents asked her to convene the hearing with state environmental officials and then asked about chemtrails.”

However, a June 4 Ward Facebook post promoting the event made it clear that “chemtrails” were on the the agenda ahead of time. Ward wrote that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality would discuss air and water safety and “address community concerns about chemtrails.”

Her thought process on political issues is skewed, and doesn’t represent the voters in Arizona. Why does Kelli Ward spend so much time investigating outlandish theories? The answer is clear; Ward is a fringe political thinker. Even Ward’s own supporters are questioning her ability to represent Arizona now her that her extremist views are emerging. Arizona is ready for to be lead to greatness and prosperity, not to fringe political conspiracy theories.


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