Babeu, Gowan Newest Entries in Congressional Race

The two hopefuls join in the race for Ann Kirkpatrick’s Congressional seat

The race for Arizona’s 1st Congressional District just got a little more crowded.  Both Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and Arizona House Speaker David Gowan announced (on the same day) that they would be running for Ann Kirkpatrick’s seat.

Babeu’s tweet:

Gowan’s tweet:

KPHO reports:

“Gowan is casting himself as a “true conservative” who can bring small-government thinking to Washington…”

While Babeu is a single-issue candidate who made himself a household name in a gay sex scandal during his last run for Congress.

Arizona House Speaker Gowan told the Republic that “no one else in the race is as socially conservative as he is and highlighted border-security and immigration legislation he has authored, namely as a primary sponsor of the controversial enforcement bill known as Senate Bill 1070.”

Gowan continued:

My legislative district is a ranching, farming, mining, suburbs district, and it matches so well with my congressional district I’m running in now.  Me being a rural guy and showing my rural roots and the votes I’ve done and taken certainly mirror that congressional district.

Other candidates include former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, rancher and oilman Gary Kiehne, Navajo businessman Shawn Redd, and former Republican Legislator now running as a Democrat Tom O’Halleran.

Read Babeu’s official release here.

Read Gowan’s official release here.

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