Reminder: David Schweikert Supported John Boehner

David Schweikert is thinking about running for U.S. Senate against Republicans John McCain and Kelli Ward. Congressman Schweikert says McCain cannot defeat Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick and by extension, he thinks Kelli Ward cannot either. Do we trust David Schweikert to be our conservative champion?

WorldNetDaily in January covered the last time John Boehner’s House Speakership was threatened. Originally, Schweikert announced that he would oppose Boehner, but folded due to his ambitions to get on an influential Committee and potentially run for higher office.

Prior to January’s Boehner support, The Arizona Republic covered Schweikert’s establishment change of heart and political ambitions in 2013.

In January, Schweikert voted for Boehner for speaker, in contrast to some conservatives, including Salmon, who attempted a coup.

In March, Schweikert voted to extend government funding to federal agencies, a violation of principle to some small-government supporters. Salmon voted no.

In June, Schweikert told the Washington Post that he and McCarthy were working on “relationship repair.” He then joined McCarthy on a valley fever initiative.

In August, Schweikert did a fundraiser with Cantor and continued giving money to the NRCC despite the vow to cut off the GOP campaign organization.

After the partial government shutdown ended last week, Schweikert said on national television that Boehner had performed “stunningly well” during the crisis.

The capitulation and appeasement to Boehner and Cantor led to some of Schweikert’s staff leaving, no longer able to trust his conservative principles. Can we?

Schweikert was quick to abandon his principles to create a potential path to higher office in 2013 and 2015, will he continue to do so if elected as a Senator?

When Schweikert originally lost his Committee assignment, he said it was because of his hardline on conservative principles, but some members say he just could not get along with the Conservatives fighting in the House. In fact, he and a few other members were called “the most egregious a—holes” in the House Republican Conference.

If we want conservative change in Washington, we need leaders who are not willing to fold and support liberal Republicans just to get a plum assignment. We need leaders who are actually liked by their peers so they can get the job done and shrink the size of government and restore our Constitutional rights.

Schweikert is attempting to brand himself as something he may or may not be. We simply don’t know, he has folded too many times to trust.

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