McCain: ‘We are all Republicans. Lets stop fighting with each other’

Speaking on House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation, McCain urged Republicans to stop fighting with each other for the greater good of the GOP.

“I like John Boehner and I am sorry it is happening,” Sen. McCain told Washington Times columnist Tim Constantine.

 “I hope it is a lesson to us and the Republican Party…lets sit down with the wings of the party and understand who the adversary is.

“We are all Republicans. Lets stop fighting with each other,” he added.

McCain has fought to stop party infighting for the greater good of conservative principles.


As early as 2000, McCain has urges GOP cooperation for the greater good. We have seen how infighting can limit Republican successes at the polls, with Democrats able to save resources to spend in the General. McCain message is timely with probably the most important election of our time coming in 2016. If we are to defeat Hillary Clinton or other potential Democrat POTUS suitors, Republicans need to listen to John McCain and band together to fight the real enemy of liberty.


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