Obamacare Haunts Ann Kirkpatrick

Obamacare continues to haunt Ann Kirkpatrick’s bid for Arizona Senate. In an editorial by the Washington Times, the paper notes that costs continue to spiral out of control.

Health care insurance is getting more expensive for most workers because of an increase in deductions.

Employer-provided health plans defy earlier predictions that the number of such plans would fall in the face of new Obamacare regulations. While the overall number of plans did not decrease appreciably, subscribers were hit this year with big jumps in deductions, the part of medical bills insurers won’t pay. Nearly 1 in 10 of such deductions range upward from a thousand dollars. The average worker will pay more for medical expenses than ever. The clear message is, “you’re insured, but don’t get sick.”

 The increases continue a growing trend. The average deductible has more than tripled, from $303 in 2006 to $1,077 this year. This is part of the explanation of why wages have flattened. Workers have chosen medical insurance benefits instead of higher wages. These deductibles have increased more than seven times the increase in wages. Increases in medical insurance premiums have actually fallen by 1 percent over 2014, falling for the first time in a decade, though the cost of family plans are up 3 per cent.
While costs skyrocket, Kirkpatrick cannot shift her responsibility in the passage of Obamacare. The article also highlights that Obamacare’s tax on premium private plans has resulted in employers simply dropping them altogether. Obamacare supporters cite coverage increase as a success metric, but the reality is coverage has declined and Americans have less quality healthcare than before the passage of Obamacare. The costs for most American families has skyrocketed.
It was only a year ago where Americans for Prosperity highlighted Kirkpatrick’s Obamacare support. As Obamacare’s unpopularity increases, the impact on Kirkpatrick’s campaign could be big.

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