Reminder: Ann Kirkpatrick Not only Supported Obamacare, but was Proud of it…

Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick may want you to forget, but she not only supported Obamacare but enthusiastically supported Obamacare. As Obama’s signature achievement continues to come under extreme criticism due to continued skyrocketing health care costs and lackluster coverage, Kirkpatrick support should be remembered:

President Obama is deeply unpopular in Kirkpatrick’s rural, relatively poor 1st Congressional District, and the Democrat rattles off grievances about the White House’s handling of the Ebola outbreak and recent terror threats. But she’s unapologetic about her support for ObamaCare.

It was the right vote for my district,” she says between sips of coffee at the KickStand Kafé in Flagstaff, the old lumber and railroad town along Historic Route 66 where Kirkpatrick has called home for the past 30 years.

More than 60 percent of Kirkpatrick’s constituents receive or are eligible for some form of public healthcare, the 2010 Census shows. That includes Medicare, Medicaid, veterans’ healthcare, and Indian health services for the dozen Native American tribes that make up a quarter of the district’s population. About 21,000 people in the sprawling, eastern Arizona district receive Medicaid, while another 21,000 have already enrolled in ObamaCare.

Kirkpatrick is in part responsible for our current health care crisis, where costs cannot be contained and coverage is inadequate. As voters ponder her bid for the U.S. Senate against Senator John McCain, Kirkpatrick’s enthusiastic support of Obamacare will certainly be brought back to center stage.

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