Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar introduces a resolution of impeachment against Gina McCarthy

Although likely not headed anywhere, Rep. Paul Gosar introduced a resolution to impeach embattled EPA head Gina McCarthy. McCarthy has been accused, rightfully so, of perjuring herself on multiple occasions. Gosar should be commended for keeping up the fight against McCarthy, even as protected as she is.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) has introduced a resolution of impeachment against her because he says she lied during testimony about the EPA’s new clean water rules. Says Gosar: “Perjury before Congress is perjury to the American people and an affront to the fundamental principles of our republic and the rule of law. Such behavior cannot be tolerated. My legislation will hold Administrator McCarthy accountable for her blatant deceptions and unlawful conduct.”

McCarthy is accused of perjuring herself three times, in discussing the scientific and engineering basis for those rules. So, you might wonder, why not just prosecute her for perjury?

The problem is that criminal prosecutions are brought by the executive branch, and there’s not much chance that Obama administration Attorney General Loretta Lynch will bring a perjury prosecution against a fellow member of the administration.

Glenn Reynolds also makes the case that McCarthy should be impeached.

So why impeach McCarthy? Well, Congress has had a lot of trouble with this administration. The IRS stonewalled on the emails implicating Lois Lerner in political targeting of Tea Party groups, the State Department (and Hillary Clinton personally) have stonewalled and foot-dragged on releasing Hillary’s emails, and other officials, such as Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, have provided “clearly erroneous” statements to Congress and suffered no penalty.

Traditionally, presidents have been willing to sacrifice underlings caught in this sort of behavior, but the Obama administration hasn’t been so quick to force them out. And like any behavior, lying to Congress and stonewalling congressional oversight becomes more common when it becomes clear that there will be no significant price to be paid.

Again, political theater is not always useless but serves a purpose to at least put corrupt officials on notice. It may not go anywhere, but credit goes to Gosar for keeping up the good fight against a corrupt EPA.

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