John McCain: Breaking up the Gridlock

“Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone.”
― John McCain

Over the years, John McCain has been unjustly attacked for his willingness to work out a deal with Democrats in Washington on a variety of issues.  Many see reaching across the isle as a betrayal to the conservative cause and proof of McCain’s treachery, but in truth, it’s proof that McCain is dedicated to progress and breaking up the gridlock in Washington.

“The way you have bipartisan negotiations, you sit down across the table, as we did with Ted Kennedy, as I’ve done with many other members, and you say, ‘OK, here’s what I want, here’s what you want. We’ll adhere to your principles, but we’ll make concessions.'” ~ Senator John McCain

What many people fail to see is that progress benefits from compromise and collaboration in Congress. With an unwillingness to compromise, polarization and deadlock in Washington increase and no one gets what they want, Republicans or Democrats. During his tenure, McCain’s strategy has been praised by the most conservative elected officials.


If Republicans and Democrats were to come together and work out a deal on a few issues, each conceding on a few items, then both could leave with net positives. Yes, both sites would have to concede on certain issues, but both would get something done, which is better than the status quo, nothing. Unfortunately, our nation has developed the idea that politics is a zero-some game; for my party to win on an issue, the other side must lose. This is false and detrimental to the legislative process. Legislation is the art of compromise. The legislative process was designed to have opposing groups come together to find an equitable agreement.

We need more legislators like John McCain, who are willing to set aside party politics and cross the isle and work out a deal that moves our country foreword one small step at a time. That is the mark of a true statesman, putting progress ahead of politics.

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