Video: A Secure Arizona Highlights Ann Kirkpatrick’s Support of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

A Secure Arizona released a new video attacking Ann Kirkpatrick’s support of President Obama’s unpopular Iran nuclear deal:


The video’s summary on their YouTube page states:

Ann Kirkpatrick’s voting for the Iran nuclear deal. Siding with Obama, instead of standing up for our national security.

A deal that gives billions to terrorists, and guarantees Iran’s path to a bomb.

John McCain is leading the fight against the deal. He understands the threat a nuclear Iran poses to our own security.

JOHN MCCAIN: “Iranians are on the march in the Middle East.

“Feckless foreign policy and national security policy of this president.

“It is a very bad deal.”

Senator McCain puts our national security first.

Ann Kirkpatrick? She puts her loyalty to Obama first.

Kirkpatrick’s support will not go over with Arizona voters concerned about American safety and the violence in the Middle East.

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