McCain: Trump Cannot Win the Presidency

Arizona Senator John McCain echos many experts in believing that Donald Trump cannot win the Republican nomination or the Presidency.

“I don’t think he could win the White House because we have to attract voters,” McCain said on Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting” show. “We have an aging white population in America and a growing Hispanic and African-American population and we have to reach out to them.”

McCain said the Hispanic vote, particularly in a border state like his home state of Arizona, is especially important.

“The Hispanic voter in my state is pro-life, pro-small business, (for) lower taxes, pro-military, everything I stand for and believe in,” he said. “You can’t win by alienating all of them.”

“The Asian voter is also turned off,” McCain added, noting the strong population of recent Asian immigrants in the U.S.

This comes after noted pollster Nate Silver repeated his belief that Trump cannot win.

“I don’t think that Donald Trump is very likely to win the nomination in part because he’s not really a Republican,” Silver told journalist Mo Rocca at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan.

“He’s very far to the right on immigration, but he also wants socialized medicine,” Silver said. “He wants to tax the rich, right? There’s an alternate reality in which he decided to run as a Democrat instead — he wouldn’t have to change his policy positions all that much.”

Trump’s success in many ways is due to the sheer number of candidates in the Republican Primary. Bernie Sanders polling better than Hillary Clinton is more of a story, but we certainly do not hear much of that.

Trump’s appeal will likely fade over time and the true conservatives will win out.

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