Kelli Ward: Chemtrails and Conspiracy

State Sen. Kelli Ward, who is running against incumbent Senator John McCain for the 2016 Republican primary for U.S. Senate says she does not believe in “chemtrails.”

“Chemtrails” conspiracy theorists believe that that airplanes, through the contrails they create, are spreading government engineered chemicals into the air. Ostensibly, these chemicals are to change the weather or control populations. These theories have been widely condemned.

The Arizona Republic has extensively covered Ward and her chemtrail belief associations:

The “chemtrails” Twitter conversation started after Politico quoted Ward publicly spurning the conspiracy theory.

In March, Ward had told The Republic she was responding to constituent concerns and only arranged a forum for them to ask questions to state environmental experts.

“I don’t really have any opinions about ‘chemtrails’ one way or the other,” Ward told The Republic at the time. “I think that environmental quality, though, is very important.”

Politico also paraphrased Ward as “contending the issue merely came up at a larger hearing about air, soil and water quality in her district” and that “several constituents asked her to convene the hearing with state environmental officials and then asked about chemtrails.”

However, a June 4 Ward Facebook post promoting the event made it clear that “chemtrails” were on the the agenda ahead of time. Ward wrote that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality would discuss air and water safety and “address community concerns about chemtrails.”

The entire video of Senator Ward discussing Chemtrails in her legislative district can be seen below:


In addition, groups that would be interested in supporting Ward for her primary bid cited her beliefs as a significant political risk. Other groups opposed to Ward have already began to air viral advertisements highlighting Wards’ political liabilities and fringe associations.



As Ward attempts to gain credibility, her personal political beliefs will continue to be scrutinized by the public.

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