Ducey Chief of Staff Explains “Arizona Open for Business” Mantra

Kirk Adams provides insight on Arizona’s economic policy

“We’re open for business. We have an outstanding environment for business and it’s the governor’s intent that we let companies know,” Kirk Adams began with an exclusive interview with the Phoenix Business Journal.

This phrase spoken by the governor has become a sort-of mantra for Arizona’s economic policy.

While no official plan has been released – the governor’s office is waiting on a five-year audit from the Arizona Commerce Authority, due to be released this fall – Governor Ducey and staff are making it abundantly clear that the future of Arizona is bright and business friendly.

We’ve made some major policy decisions that created a significant national buzz about Arizona.  Take Uber. When we went to the National Governor’s Conference, Democratic and Republican governors and staffers were asking us how we solved a problem many states are facing. Arizona was seen as a leader in innovation…All states have challenges. We’re going to leverage our strengths and improve our competitiveness. We’re going to do what’s needed to be agile and responsive as a state.

Read the entire Phoenix Business Journal article here.

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