Breitbart: AZ Treasurer Jeff DeWit “Throwing Bureaucratic Hissy Fit”

DeWit sides with Democrats; “not the conservative” he campaigned to be

Earlier today, Breitbart’s Lisa De Pasquale chimed in on Treasurer Jeff DeWit’s odd opposition to Governor Ducey’s popular education plan to put $2 billion in Arizona classrooms.

Why then is Republican Treasurer Jeff DeWit siding with the few Democrats who oppose this plan?

Breitbart explains:

There seems to be two possible explanations – DeWit is not the conservative he presented himself to be or he’s throwing a bureaucratic hissy fit because his office didn’t present a successful plan first. Either way, he’s willing to side with unions and liberals (but I repeat myself) in holding Arizona kids for ransom in order to defeat a conservative plan with strong support from Arizonans.

Read the story in its entirety here.

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