Governor Doug Ducey Calls for Changes to State Medicaid Program

Proposal rewards personal responsibility, employment, healthier lifestyle choices

This week, Governor Doug Ducey asked the federal government to approve plans to significantly change the Arizona Medicaid insurance program with an initiative designed to encourage recipients to work, better utilize services and possibly cut state costs.

Associated Press reported:

The health saving accounts are designed to revert to the patient once they leave the Medicaid program to help them initially cover premiums and deductible and co-pay costs in the private insurance market. The idea is to encourage people to get better jobs with higher wages.

Ducey health care policy adviser Christina Corieri said to the AP:

You want people to get healthier to improve their life and also to be able to get them to a point where they can go back to work. It’s also important for the taxpayer. The same way it would be for any business, the healthier your people are, the less amount you have in costs.

If approved, the changes would go into effect in October 2016.

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