Leading Conservative: Trump is the Last Thing We Need

Recent polls indicate that Donald Trump is surging ahead by double digits in some cases. What seemed to be a fleeting leading is now more hardening: Trump is the GOP frontrunner. But does his rise in the polls mean he is assured path to the nomination? Not according to one leading conservative intellectual:


Donald Trump has virtually no chance of becoming even the Republican Party’s candidate in 2016, much less being elected President of the United States.


The reason is not hard to understand: Republican voters simply do not trust him, as the polls show. Nor is there any reason why they should trust him, given his chameleon-like changes in the past.


According to Sowell, Trump’s rise in the polls is due to a disaffected electorate and a public that wants something new. But ultimately, his high negatives will cost him any real chance as the political field narrows. This is crucial in Sowell’s view because, especially in light of the Iran nuclear agreement, new principled leadership is needed to reverse the Obama years:


If ever there was a time to carefully sift through all the aspiring Republican candidates, in hopes of finding just one who might be up to the superhuman task ahead, in order to head off a nuclear catastrophe, this is surely the time to look for a solid, wise and steadfast leader.


A shoot-from-the-hip, bombastic show-off is the last thing we need or can afford.


Thomas Sowell has been a respected conservative voice for decades, whether his analysis is correct will only be determined with time. For conservatives it should act as a warning to look with suspicion on candidates like Mr. Trump who use fiery rhetoric over substance.

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