Arizona Voters Agree Education Top Concern

Study shows Governor Ducey’s education reform proposal has 61% approval

Voters have put education at the forefront this election season, calling upon officials to bring forward more money for education.

In a recent survey commissioned by Stand for Children Arizona, 36 percent of likely voters name education as their top concern, compared to 26 percent concerned with immigration and border issues and 14 percent concerned with jobs and the economy.  Likewise, according to the Arizona Republic “recent survey data of likely voters shows over 69 percent of Arizona voters believe that K-12 education is heading in the wrong direction.”

Fortunately, Governor Doug Ducey has an education reform initiative that would increase funding, a proposal that has found support from 61 percent of likely voters, according to the same poll. (Please re-link the gov’s proposal) Stand for Children’s Craig Barrett and Rebecca Gau of the Arizona Republic wrote:

We applaud Gov. Doug Ducey in his efforts to bring forward more money for education. Our survey shows that leveraging the state land trust to fund education is a concept well received by the voters. We tested a ballot issue similar to the governor’s proposal and it shows promise, with 61 percent of Arizona voters in support.  Gov. Ducey’s proposal is a good start and presents a significant opportunity to provide resources to help fix failing schools and raise the quality of the education system across the board.

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