Proposition 104 Hurts Taxpayers

Watch out for Phoenix politicians advocating for Prop 104, a massive tax hike they say will support new sidewalks, bus lanes, expanded light rail plus road and bridge repair. When laid out like this, the plan sounds enticing, encouraging even. But the truth of the matter is Prop 104 will cost taxpayers $30 billion over the next 35 years — a multibillion dollar tax increase to fund initiatives that Phoenix residents can ill afford and don’t even use.

Arizona Free Enterprise Club Executive Director Scot Mussi wrote for the Arizona Capitol Times:

Multiple transit studies have shown that the preferred method of transportation for over 97% of Phoenix residents is the automobile. Yet the plan as drafted intends to spend 90% of the projected revenue on expanded bus and rail service and only 8% on street improvements.

Likewise, a “yes” vote on Prop 104 provides future city councils to invest in age-old technology – even if the community wants something different.  Mussi continues:

Prop 104 provides the city with unlimited flexibility on the types of transit projects get funded and when. If a future city council or staff decides to change the plan or deny funding for certain street improvements that were promised, voters will not be able to stop them. A likely result will be that entire sections of the city could lose out on transit funding to politically connected insiders at City Hall. How the money is spent will be up to the politicians to decide, not you.

Read the entire article here.

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