Tuition Increases at Arizona Universities

Students at Arizona universities can expect to see an increase in tuition as well as additional student fees. The Arizona Republic reports:

In-state students at Arizona State University will pay a one-time $320 surcharge for the next year. Tuition is also going up for new undergraduates at the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University but not for current students in guaranteed-tuition plans.

These increases are a direct result of the $99 million in cuts to state funding. In-state undergrads at Arizona State University will face $10,478  in tuition and fees per year; international students can also expect an 11 percent rise in tuition. UA and NAU offer “guaranteed-tuition plans” so current students will not be affected by these tuition increases, but incoming students can expect to pay more for their education.

The decrease in state investment does require us to ask our students and their families to contribute more to the cost of their education,” ASU’s Crow wrote in the university’s tuition proposal to the regents.

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