Texas Gunmen Targeting Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Contest Were Phoenix Residents

The Arizona Republic Reports:

Two gunmen who were shot and killed outside Dallas while trying to disrupt a provocative contest for Prophet Muhammad cartoons were Phoenix residents, including one who had been under a FBI criminal investigation since 2006 for potential international terrorism.

One gunman was identified as Elton Simpson, who was convicted in March 2011 for lying to the FBI about traveling to Somalia for the “purpose of engaging in violent jihad.” Simpson was sentenced to three years probation. Multiple news outlets including CNN identified the second shooter as Nadir Soofi, a Valley resident.

Simpson avoided a stiffer sentence in 2011, when a federal judge found that the government could not support its assertion that those statements were related to terrorism, according to court records.

The scene was chaotic, information continues to unfold regarding the terrorist incident.


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