McCain Supports Joint Chiefs Nominee

President Obama’s plan to nominate Gen. Joseph Dunford to chair the Joint Chiefs of Staff has already received the endorsement of Senator John McCain. USA Today reports:

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, praised the reported pick of Dunford and pledged his committee to a “prompt and thorough consideration” of the nomination.

Dunford is set to replace Gen. Martin Dempsey. McCain’s longstanding dislike for Dempsey was no secret, going back to the general’s opposition of the Iraq surge. Of Dempsey, McCain has said “Time after time, he has made statements are are not only wrong, but ridiculous.” With Obama’s nomination of Gen. Dunford, McCain has only praise to give.

In addition to his leadership of the Marine Corps, General Dunford’s exemplary service in Iraq and Afghanistan makes him a strong choice as we confront threats to stability and peace in both countries and throughout the region.

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