Flake Encourages Water Management Planning

At a recent forum hosted by the Kyl Center for Water Policy, Flake discussed the need for “continual planning” regarding Arizona’s water policies.

“People assume that you turn on the tap, water comes out and everything’s fine,” said Flake, who convened a community water policy forum in Phoenix. “It’s not that easy. It takes a lot of planning and continual planning and new planning for these droughts that come along.”

Steps have been taken to protect the future water supply in Arizona, but the new water restrictions in California show what can happen without proper planning.

“We chose to be ready in the 1980s with the Groundwater Management Code, ensuring cities and towns and any developments basically only happen if there’s a 100-year water supply,” he said. “California didn’t do that, and now they’re feeling the effects. Moving forward, still we have diminished flows in the Colorado (River); we’re going to have to deal with that. We need to make sure every drop of rain that falls in Arizona is utilized.”

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