Ward Politicizes Memorial of Christian Terror Victim

The days and hours leading up to an election are always incredibly telling of where a campaign stands. If you’re winning, then you’re likely not causing too much noise or drama, but if you’re losing then you make as much raucous noise to get the attention on you and your (failing) campaign. When looking at the U.S.Senate race in Arizona, this theory could not possibly be more true.

Over the last three to four days, Kelli Ward–a long-shot challenger against Senator John McCain–has shown incredible signs of desperation, and thus the signs of a failing campaign. She has called the war hero Senator and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee a “dinosaur,” and inferred that he will die in office if re-elected. She said that the Senator, “is falling down on the job. He has gotten weak. … I do want to wish him a happy birthday … and I want to give him the best birthday present ever, the gift of retirement.” But her despicable low-blow against Senator McCain is absolutely nothing in comparison to what she said about the Senator attending an event honoring Kayla Mueller.

The Arizona Republic reported yesterday that Kelli Ward, “made a dismissive comment about McCain’s plans ‘to dedicate some playground equipment’ on Saturday, not mentioning that the event is the grand opening of a playground in honor of Kayla Mueller, the 26-year-old hostage from Prescott who was murdered by Islamic State militants.”  Ward’s statement was made on Sean Hannity’s national radio show.

Her comment was made in reference to a new poll that shows Senator McCain beating Ward by 26 percentage-points. The entire quote–as reported by the Arizona Republic–is as follows: “He’s going to Yavapai County tomorrow to dedicate some playground equipment…He definitely is showing the desperation in the campaign. So, you know, if this polling were true, why would he bother?”

Ward not only diminishes the death of Kayla Mueller, but she is also disregarding the fact that Mueller was actually kidnapped in Syria when she left a hospital while she was volunteering with Doctors Without Borders. What kind of blatant political opportunism is Ward attempting to demonstrate? Furthermore, at what expense? Ward and her campaign should not only apologize to the Mueller family, but to the entire town of Prescott, and the entire state–downright despicable.

Regardless of someone’s brand of faith or politics, Mueller was a courageous American we can be proud of. Motivated by her desire to help others, she was captured by barbaric terrorists, and recent reports show she would not be intimidated, refusing to renounce her Christian faith even at the end of her life. Kelli Ward should do the right thing and quickly apologize to Senator McCain and the Mueller family for politicizing their sincere friendship and this memorial in honor of her life and love of children.

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