The Hits Just Keep on Coming for Kelli Ward

While Kelli Ward’s campaign continues to make up poll numbers to create false hope for her supporters, here are some actual facts. To date, not one legitimate pollster or well-known polling company has shown Kelli Ward even close to defeating John McCain. The Arizona Capitol Times reported today that McCain’s team continues to work hard even while knowing that ALL public polls show that McCain having a large lead. McCain and his team work hard from a place of humility, because the voters deserve to hear their message and know that Senator John McCain cares about the people of Arizona and representing them.

Today CNN released a poll showing McCain not only beating Ward by double digits, but also beating Anne Kirkpatrick by a wide margin. John McCain has often been quoted for saying, “A fight not joined is a fight not enjoyed.” This is a man who loves democratic institutions, loves to be in the arena, and who has proven that he was willing to serve and defend this great Republic.

“In Arizona, John McCain, the former Republican nominee for president, holds healthy leads over the Republican challengers he will face in next Tuesday’s primary election and over his likely Democratic opponent in November, Ann Kirkpatrick. McCain tops Kelli Ward by a 55% to 29% margin among likely Republican primary voters, while he tops Kirkpatrick by a 52% to 39% margin among registered voters.”

Today’s CNN results are shown here. Seeing these numbers and looking at the facts in the race, you will come to the conclusion that we have about Chemtrail Kelli: her hopes of winning a U.S. Senate seat are as outlandish as her entertaining of conspiracy theories.

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