Even Kelli Ward’s PAC and Outside Money Can’t Help Her

We have been saying for over a year now that Kelli Ward stands no chance against Arizona’s Republican senior sitting United States Senator and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, John McCain. Over the course of this year Ward, a former State Senator from Lake Havasu City, has repeatedly shown the voters of Arizona why she is incredibly unfit to be a U.S. Senator.

Ward’s campaign is built around conspiracies and tin-foil hats. She has done everything from blaming Senator McCain for the rise of ISIS, to suggesting that McCain might actually murder her on conspiracy-theorist Alex Jones’ radical show. Yes, the same Alex Jones that the Arizona Republic has described as “possibly the nation’s biggest nut.” [If you don’t believe us, check out the actual interview.]

As we get closer to next week’s primary election, Ward’s tactics have become increasingly more desperate as her failed campaign unravels at an increasingly alarming rate. And at the last hour, Ward is banking on her Political Action Committee, KelliPAC, to come in and save her — even though it’s beyond impossible for the PAC to have any significant influence at this point.

Yesterday’s edition of the Arizona Capitol Times’ Yellow Sheet Report stated that “KelliPAC’s total spending in the US Senate race is poised to fall far short of the $1.2 million the group said it planned to spend boosting Ward…KelliPAC has bought about $335,000 worth of network and cable airtime through the primary, a far cry from the $600,000 per week…that it claimed it would spend.” Ironically, the largest contribution ($200,000) to the KelliPAC came from New York investor Robert Mercer.

Lorna Romero, a spokeswoman for the McCain campaign, told The Daily Beast amidst reports that KelliPAC would be spending more outside money: “KelliPAC’s last-minute infusion of out-of-state cash–something she has hypocritically decried–doesn’t change the fact that she spent taxpayer dollars to explore conspiracy theories, and her positions on key national security issues would weaken our military and put Arizonans at risk.”

This is by far the most desperate plea for help we’ve seen in this Senate race all year. And, without surprise, it’s coming from Kelli Ward who is bent on defeating Senator McCain for her own personal gain and agenda. Kelli Ward is a dangerous, conspiratorial, inexperienced, and ineffective candidate who will face her fate of losing miserable to Senator McCain next Tuesday.

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