On Election Week, McCain Endorsed by AZ Right to Life. Ward Doubles Down on Pro-Abortion Stance.

Kelli Ward,

If you want the government to stay out of a doctor’s office on the topic of abortion, I hate to break it to you but you are pro-choice and pro-abortion. Kelli, you are doing the same kind of dance that pro-abortion Democrats have done for years. Vice President Joe Biden and VP nominee, Senator Tim Kaine have used this exact argument for years…like many Democrats, they profess “personal” opposition to abortion while advocating a hands-off approach by the government. According to pro-abortion lobby Planned Parenthood, Kaine recently scored a 100% rating; as a United States Senator, Joe Biden scored an 83%.

Is that what we should expect from Kelli Ward?

Kelli let me spell it out for you. Those of us who are pro-life DO WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT the Right to Life for unborn children. We are not libertarians, who when asked the question about abortion refer to the 4th amendment right to privacy.

Here is the transcript of Kelli Ward. Decide for yourself if you think she is going to be a champion for the life of the unborn.

Journalist: “You have said you are pro-life. Many have said you are not pro-life enough because as a physician you think the government should stay out of a physicians room.”

Kelli Ward: Well, well I do think the government needs to back away from many many things…I’m a fan of small government, low taxes, personal responsibility and the Constitution. Um, many people might not realize that I was a very effective Arizona state senator. In 2015 alone I got 19 bills signed into law. I think that people want to see that kind of effectiveness go to Washington D.C.


If there was any doubt at all, about where Kelli Ward stands on life, she put it to rest. When asked if she was pro-life, she said she wanted the government to stay out of the issue and changed the topic all together. Hardly a champion for the millions of babies who are killed each year.

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